Anubis Style new RElease @ GAdore

New Release from Anubis Style, Available @ GAdore in 4 colours: Blue, Lime, Rose and Water

Tulipe, a mini dress in silk double flexi skirt …for your spring !



**DDstyle** Spring 2010 Show @ .BeStyle District Agency.

Agtaope Carter Lane
. BeStyle District Agency . Owner & CEO.


Dadina Dosei

Spring 2010 Fashion Show
April the 16th at 1:00 PM SLT

DD Style is a tribute to femininity, for an aggressive woman, sure of herself but always sexy.
For the woman who knows what she wants … and always reaches her goal!
Every outfit wants to express the sensuality of the people who wears them.
The man who wears DD Style is a man with clear ideas, spontaneous and very very sexy and careful for the details.
He doesn’t love to be unnoticed and he’s not afraid to express what he feels.
For a passionate man, always sure of himself!

Dresses by sartorial craftsmanship, unique and eccentric clothes, real works of art ….
**DD Style ** The dream is now reality by the creator of dream the absolutly incredible Dadina Dosei !!

The top models for this show are :  Elena Ewing, Nemi Mc Coy, Gamp Lane, Mimmi Boa, Salvo Waydelich and Tesan Lane.

The stage is an unique creation of  the fabulous Creativedreams Zsun    *ENFANT TERRIBLE*.

The music will be porvided by the unique Ellendir Khandr.

The photograpaher for this event is the stunnning CindyS Tatham.

The host for the show is our KarenMichelle Lane.

The show is organised by Agtaope Carter Lane  in collaboration with Annemarie Perenti.

Crazy Horse Show Tonight

. BeStyle District Agency . is proud to announce a fabulous show one the  BeStyle District
“CRAZY HORSE SHOW” on April 9 at 1PM

Prepare to be teleported in a wonderful world where hard liqueurs and music will let you live one of the most exciting experiences of your life!! Join us at the Crazy horse show, you will see wonderful models wearing wonderful dresses!

You will have on stage this night a cabaret show with incredibles designs by ANUBIS STYLE, CHAMPAGNE!sparkling fashion, **DD STYLE**, ANGEL DESSOUS, ZEB &SLY, B!FASHION, TUKINOWAGUMA HAIR, LADY MORA, JADOR, MEB, AZUL, GABRIEL,  VELVETRYTHMS, STILETTO MOODY,  :: ALATIEL FASHIONS::, Alienbear Designs, ENFANT TERRIBLE !!!

Top models in show are: Dancer Dallagio, Linnda Scofield, Dhalia Joubert, Leandra breen, Kay Fairey, Mavi beck, Payton heron, Livia Mastroianni,Mui Mukerji, Poptart Lilliehook, Angelik Slade, Mimmi Boa, RicoRacer Flux, , Phillip Dollinger, Salvo Waydelich, Allenclive Beaumont, Tesan Lane.

You cant miss it!!!!