[BLUSH] Skins new !

Hello, Fashion people!

Blush has more newness this week: HOLLY Skin!

Holly is sweet, sexy, beautiful. She likes to party and be social.
She has many styles: modern, chic, rock ‘n’ roll…
If you are like Holly, stop by Blush today and have a look at her!
She comes in 2 different skin tones with 2 different hairbases!

Here’s a sneak peak:


[BLUSH] Skins


BLUSH SKINS New Releases!

GEMS by Blush is a collection of over 50 beautiful eyes. Each one of the eyes have received the name of a precious gemstone. We also have cateyes and fantasy eyes. So wheter you’re a noob, trying to improve your look or if you’re just searching for cool things, check our eyes out.
And for those of you who love the carnival or just want to look incredibly posh, I’ve created LA FOLIE. A collection of 8 masks in tattoo layers so you can compose your own fancy look. Wear them and add some plumes, laces, feathers and a crazy hair and you’ll be the center of attention in all parties!
So have a sneak peak here and tp to the store to get them!