Windy Satin Set @ VERO MODERO

New at VERO MODERO is the fabulous Windy Satin Set as shown above.  The set comes with both the capri pants and halter top.  The pants have this very authentic belt detail around the the waist, great for when saving on prims; and come with two different options of cuffs.  The top is designed in a halter neck style with the beautifully textured soft material tied into a big bow on the back of the neck.  If you’re looking for a stylish outfit to spend the last days of summer in, then head over to VERO MODERO and check out the Satin Windy Set, as well as many other fantastic new releases.

Windy Satin Hibiskus Set from VERO MODERO
City Wedge Shoes in Ice Cream from Kookie
Dev Hair in Supra Blond from KLETVA
Hairbase from Exile
Troupe Watch from MIEL
It Happened One Night Earrings from Dark Mouse
Paige Skin from Illusory
Metallic Eyeshadow from Miamai

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