My Mix and Match : Gizza feat: Diram

          Model : Ellendir Khandr    Photo by Emmylin Hastings

I choose for this mix and match something different:

this mix and macth remind  a very glamour avant-garde couture.

Thanks a lot to Giz and Diod for these amazing outfits!

Body : Alexandra dress with sleeve attachments and gloves by Diram

Pants & Skirt : **GizzA** Sophistic Gown [Black]

pants & socks with skirt attachment

Attachment to skirt: Flowers of : PM :: PinkTiki Gown in Silver

Shoes: :)(: Eve Temptation Shoes Black by PixelFashion

Skin: AYUMIwhite 13 nh-LionSkins

Hair: ::Deity::Abyss with Hairbase

Jewels: ::Deity:: 1 set


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