MEB Fall-Winter Collection

A set of outfits that can meet all your wishes: frome the cheery and young look of the Clarissa‘s bright colors to the shy sensuality of Bonita and Patty, pink and black dresses decorated by a cute bolero or by an oversize collar. From the mix of naughty and old fashioned mood of Carol, to the sophisticated elegance of the classic pencil dresses Bruges and Irina.

The well known MEB casual line is represented by the surprising wool dress Angela, coming with a hood, or even by the light grey almost gipsy skirt and top of Bea, worn with a blood red biker jacket.
Two highlights are the black and white or brown and white Berliner and Nikita: leather short jacket, long or short pants, precious details for two great outfits thought for self-confidant women. The same jacket, in full colors is worn by contrast on a asymmetric elegant bright white silk dress by Moss.
Complete the collection a classic gown: the tiny pleas of Lulu‘s skirt hide purple shoes, that match the top.

Grey, purple, pink, red, black and white: smooth colors with bangs of bright ones meet silk, laces, wool and leather to give you a unique look.
It’s MEB!

The collection is avalaible at MEB mainstore, at Best of Italian MEB store and will be soon in the other MEB stores

See the outfits on the Modavia Flickr set (photo by Julie Hastings).

See the outfits on the Modavia Fashion Week runway: Cajsa Lilliehook’s Flickr set.

To see the vendors, look at the MariaElena Barbosa pics.


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