Goodbye Summer with Sascha’s Designs and Finesmith

Models : on left Ellendir Khandr, on right AlicediMax Taurog

Photo by Ellendir Khandr

Two pretty outfits


only to say

Goodbye summer!

On Alice (on right):

Outfit: SAS – ChoCho Mandarin

Skin : al vulo – elena* natural claveage olive

Hair: Tukinowaguma Eileen Brown

Boots: Boot Opium Elite

Jewels: Gems & Kisses – Rainbow – Nisa – Set

On Ellendir (on left) :

Outfit: SAS – Taren Turquoise

Skin : *LaCrima* Skin Mara tan M8

Hair: Vanity Hair: Nina-Noisette with hairbase (New)

Shoes: pump platform pink collage *Tea Time*

Jewels: the stunning set of jewels Finesmith Diconay with hud to change colour and texture.

A big thank you to Alice, my daughter for posing with me for this photo. Love you 🙂


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