Fellini Couture I Romantique par excellence

This time I bring to you the newest of Joy Fellini. After a well deserved holiday our dear Joy returns to surprise us with unique pieces, fabulous designs from the house Fellini Couture. The charming and romantic Dolce Vita dress, beautiful gown made in a soft pink & purple with fluffy parts as details, ideal for a princess like you. Definitely, softness, charming and uniqueness are for sure the best words to describe this gown.

And in a beautiful and elegant creamy white Joy brings to us the glorious and magical Allure, her new French Haute Couture release.

All the designs from Fellini Couture are romantic par excellence and this time the artist Joy Fellini, released a new creation named… Fabulous ! This lovely and breathtaking gown combines several feminine colors … purple, pink, yellow and white in a spectacular way that you can not miss. Definitely Fabulous is a true masterpiece of art.

Spectacular piece from Fellini Couture, Joy fellini show us this amazing avant-garde look made in a breathtaking zebra pattern. A true monochromatic masterpiece of art.

As always all these designs features beautiful details such as the head pieces that comes with the dresses. Romantic and classy touch that can not be missed in any of the designs of our dear Joy.

fellini Couture


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