Fellini Couture Fabulous gown

We all know that Joy Fellini is full of creativity and that her designs are always so original, stylish and full of details. Resently joy has released a new gown again named Fabulous. Synonyms for Fabulous are astonishing, breathtaking, marvelous, outrageous, and i cant think of any other words for this new gown.

Fabulous is made full of ruffles and layers in many different shades of orange, pink, white and yellow. Mostly Joy isnt releasing with one of her amazing headpieces so also with this amazing gown you get a beautiful big headpiece and when you look to the hash you will notice the incredible lashes with all the little diamonds who have the same color as the dress.

I matched the dress with the new Jewelry by Jake named the Titanic dream collection. Let me quote what Jakes says about this amazing new set (wich has the name of one of my favorite movie).

Underneath the Enchanted Titanic Seas, hides the collection no one has ever seen.
.. in a pearl shell locked with a key, stirs the Secret Collection of your dreams.

Skin: Glam Affair Castalia Skin – Natural 11
Hair: Plume Elegance/Soil
Dress: Fellini Couture Fabulous gown
Jewelry set: Jewelry by Jake Titanic’s Dream-The Collection-Gld/Pink
Nails: Mandala Takara Nail/cream white

Have fun shopping…
Hugg Linnda


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