New limited release from Nomine

This beautiful wedding gown ‘Persphone’ is a limited edition design. The Persephone gowns come in six colors, and each set contains a multitude of pieces, each on every possible layer. When the designers (Munchflower Zaius) says every possible layer, she really does mean it :D .  I have rarely opened a folder to see so many options of an outfit or gown then this one has to offer. Even the basic underwear is beautifully created. If that was not enough it also comes with a cute pair of boots with shockingly high heels.

Style Card

Dress – Nomine Persephone Wedding Gown – sapphire

Hair – Sky Everett Designs-Lady Sophia-Angel of wisdom

Skin – R.icielli – RHEA mommamonster

Makeup – blackLiquid MAKEUP – black gloss

Jewellery – LaGyo Be Careful ring, LaGyo Baba set, LaGyo_Crystal brows

Pose- Del May

Location – Mysterious Wave


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