I know, I know, after so long in sl I should not be such a shopping addict, but here it is my latest and cutest:

A totally lovable, wearable, adorable outfit in mesh by Purple Moon for sale at Gypset Market, it is called Sunrise Romper.

This cute short pants and top is in the colours of dawn, orange and pale cream, with a delicate feminine pattern, it feels like silk.

I went for a spin on a jet ski, landed on a small island and voilà took a few photos just to show you the beauty and casual elegance of this little number, a must have for all fashionistas.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Limo to the Gypset Market

I want to add that being part of this team is a dream come true, I love being a model for Bestyle Agency, I love being a writer for Bestyle Magazine and now a blogger, it doesn’t get any better than this. This place gets the best out of me!

Huggg Genevieve

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