Today I present to you two special outfits, created by very different designers and friends who want to give their direct contribution to the reconstruction of Emilia in Italy. Below the photos you will find the official press release.

ALB FASHION : Analee Balut participates in this fair with a special edition of the Antje Coat, designed specifically for this occasion, accompanied by  ballerina flats, the Emilia shirt,  beautiful harem pants and special jewels to create an exotic and unique look.

LEGAL INSANITY :  Datrip Blackbart is the designer of Legal Insanity, more than this he is Italian, more than this he is actually from one of the cities touched by the terrible earthquakes two months ago.

He created these colourful outfits for the charity Hope for Emilia organized by Miss Virtual World Anna Sapphire, who is also Italian.

Since I am Italian as well I feel a great connection to this special event and I am glad to participate with this blog and help the fundraising.

Under the photos you will be able to read the press release for the events of the next days.

This outfit is called Summer Love and is available in purple, pink, green, blue and the orange I have chosen today.

Thank you for supporting Hope for Emilia!

HOPE FOR EMILIA is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquake in Emilia, Italy.

As most of the world is aware, the northern region of Italy has been hit by devastating earthquakes during the last several months.

The first earthquake, registering a magnitude of 6.1, struck in the Emilia-Romagna region, on May 20th of 2012.

Two aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.2 occurred a few hours after the main event, and seven people were killed.

Nine days later, on May 29th, an additional earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 struck the same area causing an additional eighteen deaths and widespread damage, particularly to buildings already weakened by the May 20th earthquake.

And again on June 3rd, 4th and 6th, aftershocks struck the region, causing panic among terrified people, who still don’t know if this incubus is going to continue.

The damages of these earthquakes are terrible: 26 people died, and thousands are homeless, living in tents.
The whole economy of the country was brought to its knees.

“Hope for Emilia” aims to fundraise to help the many victims of the earthquakes: 100% of the funds raised with this event will be donated to victims of the earthquake through the bank account opened by Emilia-Romagna region (http://www.regione.emilia-romagna.it/terremoto/la-raccolta-fondi-della-regione-come-donare).

The “Hope for Emilia” team of volunteers is busy organizing this important event which we hope will touch the lives of those affected by the natural disaster in Emilia.

The grand opening of the “Hope for Emilia” Fashion Fair will take place on Sunday July 22. At this fair, each of the many talented designers supporting this worthy cause has agreed to offer one or more exclusive items. The full proceeds of the sales of the exclusive items will be donated to assist the citizens whose lives were affected by the earthquakes in Emilia. Fashion shows highlighting our designers’ exclusive creations are planned for August 1st and August 5th, respectively.

Also exciting is the Art Exhibition to take place beginning on August 3rd, at which artistic creations from the grid’s most accomplished artists will be on display and available for purchase. And don’t miss other wonderful entertaiment events offered by Hope For Emilia sponsors.

Our event will be held at two sims which have been graciously donated to us by Alexandar Vargas, and we are delighted to have Setsuna Infinity providing the build.
A LM of the sims will be sent on July 22nd, 2012.


For more information, please visit the following sites:

Hope for Emilia

Emilia-Romagna Donation Site

The “Hope for Emilia” Team

Anna Sapphire

Team Members:
Arialee Miles
Carley Benazzi
Daniele Eberhardt
Kay Fairey
Tyler Barineaux
Xandrah Sciavo

Setsuna Infinity


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