Hope for Emilia: sYs & Dot-Be

Hope for Emilia

At this fair, each of the many talented designers supporting this worthy cause has agreed to offer one or more exclusive items. The full proceeds of the sales of the exclusive items will be donated to assist the citizens whose lives were affected by the earthquakes in Emilia.  

For this mix and match I choose these exclusive items for Hope for Emilia:



Pants: In the photo I’m wearing[sYs] B-GIRL pant Mesh (NEW!)

For Hope for Emilia sYs designs a special version of these pants called [sYs] __ SPECIAL EDITION BGIRL PANTS __ GRAFFITI.


Hair: [sYs] ORBITAL hair – Red for Hair Fair 2012 (New!)

Skin: [sYs] Skin INUYT pure (pale) – cleavage

Attachment: [sYs]  VYSION – armband F and shoulder, [sYs] EBONYTE – mitten wrisband

Boots:[sYs] POGO – boots

Make-up:[sYs] FATAL make Up – eyes (red)

 LM: [sYs] bestyle district-


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