007a-The Secrets Collection by Jake

I’m delighted to show you the new collection from ‘JEWELRY BY JAKE‘.

‘Secrets the collection’ is simply beautiful and classic in design. A time consuming project which has produced something very beautiful. The tiny prims of the bracelet for example are similar to the real life charm bracelets you can buy and on top of the realistic look, it comes complete with a hud so you can change the charms to one of 15 different designs. The earrings have a little surprise to, but you have to find out what that is by yourself.

This set is very feminine and a must have, for the fashion conscious lady with classic taste in beautiful jewellery.

The ‘Secrets the collection’ has a necklace, earrings, two bracelets, anklet and belly ring.


Jewellery – 007a-The Secrets Collection-by Jake**

Outfit – *LpD* – *Marie Antoinette* Dress


Makeup – blackLiquid MAKEUP – BOMBSHELL COLLECTION Bardot


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