ALB Fashion dazzling new ideas….

Today I am home, on my beloved Lamu Island, where Analee Balut has prepared some huge surprises, gifts for all the group members men and women, plus some special outfits and accessories.

ALB Elea Lingerie and gown  needs to be seen to be believed! I admit it my taste goes in sl to highly unrealistic dresses, this one is right up my alley!

The vibrant blue hugs the body with a tight top and a very tiny thong. the gown makes it precious, magical like a dream.

I decided to add some more elements to it, so I stole the fur from ALB Marvin Tribal Leather  Jacket, complete with hud, yes it is supposed to be for men, but it is too gorgeous to leave it to men only!

I added the new ALB Maude shoes, they also come with a hud.   The result you can see here, a fun combination for those intimate moments and a precious gown to wear in formal occasions.

But, Oh Well, yes!  I could not resist, here it is my mix and match of ALB items just to wear this fabulous jacket  ALB  Marvin tribal leather jacket!!!

I added the ALB Clochard pants in green, since the jacket hud allowed me to choose the color I fancied.

The shoes are the amazing new ALB Maude  with hud, they look so different from any other set that you will become as addicted as I am!

Enjoy !


Enjoy Shopping! Genevieve Kamala


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