Today I have the personal and professional pleasure to show you some real art work.

As you may have read in the Bestyle Article this month Marie Whitfield and Ymir Coronet celebrate their 2nd year of BLUSH SKINS.

Today I want to present the latest skin Phoebe in pale and light tan, there are so many make ups that I had a really hard time choosing, they are all gorgeous, the skins are perfectly detailed and Marie never repeats herself, so each shade is unique.

In the second set of photos I want to share some backstage shots I took while Hermes Kondor was taking photos of the Emma skin, presented in tan and pale.


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A beautiful moment

Blush Skins and more….

by Genevieve Kamala

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Marie Whitfield Coronet and Ymir Coronet as a surprise cover story for Marie, since they were about to celebrate their first year of activity in sl. This year the pleasure is double, since the November second anniversary of Blush skins is fast approaching.

In the meantime I have become a Blush addict, like so many of the sl best models.

These skins grow on you over time, I was also hired for some advert with amazing photos by Hermes Kondor.

Thus facing a new interview with the Whtifield – Coronet couple was not as daunting as last year and it in fact it turned out as a great pleasure.

This year I would like to explore more in depth the process of creating skins and how both of them see it, from their different perspectives………

You can  find the  rest of the article in BESTYLE MAGAZINE this month or in the BLUSH Mainstore

Blush Skins: MAIN STORE


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