TOLERANCE IS THE ONLY WAY In Chains by Terra d’Ombra

I feel honored to be part of this project, I have always believed that the only way in which human beings can grow in awareness is  by practising compassion and tolerance, since they both allow us to learn from each other and understand each other’s ways.

This project is founded by Shena Neox and supported by many of us in the sl fashion world as a way to practise what we believe in.

I believe that having prejudices of any kind about people keep us IN CHAINS, that is why today I want to start my posts for TOW with the magnificent dress IN CHAINS by Terra d’Ombra, Maizon Rayna has created utter beauty in the elegant, silky dress, paired with the harshness of chains that bind people to silence when they are not free to express themselves freely.

I added the special White Widow make up created by Julie Hastings for this event and the poses Show the Love by  In-Pose, also created for TOW.

Please shop at the TOW stores, you will help concretly and you will also overcome your own binding chains.


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