Today I want to show you a very nice dress, an exclusive creation for TOW by MOLICHINO.

This cute, paisley themed dress is called Billie, it makes me think of a leisure week end away, of shopping in a nice district, of time spent in a light and relaxing way.

I have added a travel bag by Amarelo Manga and Orpheus, a splendid collar by Vendome Jewels.

Poses by Possesion, exclusively for TOW.

I am pleased to wear this beautiful creation at the TOW SHOW at Patch Thibaud Auditorium  on October 28th, stay tuned for more information about this upcoming event.

There will be two TOW SHOWS at Patch Auditorium October 27 and 28th  at 2pm

A third show organized by SOLOEVANE will be at the BOSL Country Club on October 31st  at 1.30 pm

The last show for TOW organized by BESTYLE  will be at Bestyle main stage on November 3rd at 3pm


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