Dreaming with GIZZA….

Due to many sl and rl commitments I was left a little behind in my blogging, but I am catching up and I am daily dazzled by the beauty of the creations of sl couture!

Every day is a different adventure: today we dream together of a beautiful world of imagination with the amazing and luminescent gown called Draakje’s Dream by GIZZA in two versions blue green and purple red.

Women can really feel like delicate and iridescent butterflies in these gowns, I fell for them as soon as I opened the boxes, I am grateful to Giz Seorn for the chance to wear her creations.

The skin is Phoebe sunkissed by BLUSH, the make ups are both by Madrid Solo,  the amazingly detailed and magnificent jewels are by Vendome Jewels.

The green blue gown is lit up by Guilty Pleasures  eyeshadow  and  made precious by Ondine, a set that includes even a hair band; while  the purple red dress is  shown with Fresca full make up  and Autumn a set that includes also shoulder jewels.

Like Cinderella I may have met my prince….

Will I lose my dancing shoe?


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