Coats and more by GIZZA……

Today I feel the cold for the first time, so I have decided to post the coats by Gizza, opening the official cold season.

It is time to get cozy and warm, add scarfs and hats, but always in style!

Here you can see the magnificent creations by Gizza the first one is the Military coat in red worn with the skinny leather pants still by Gizza, another must have, followed by the Belted coat in Black fur with a Gizza hat from Tea in the Sahara,  I then decided to wear the padded coat with the Nine to Five skirt and boots in matching green and the Baoba hat now on sale at  Gypset Market,  I could not resist a try also at the Belted coat in cream, with matching lingerie, but what could I wear under all these amazing coats?

The answer is at the very end: Morning After silk slip in black, so sensual and alluring….

I have worn throughout the amazing new skin by BLUSH called Kerr and the Precious set by Vendome Jewels both  for sale at the Gypset Market.


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