Gizza Linnda Gown

The Linnda Gown is bringing back the Hollywood Glam, its full of elegancy and grace. Linnda is a full length gown. With its mermaid flared skirt, and its high collared body, you will be the epitome of classic chic.
But as sometimes is the case, the gown is not what she appears to be. As demure as the front view looks, as daring is the back, with its jaw dropping, eye popping backside cleavage. Showing enough to leave your admirers in dreams as you walk out. The Linnda Gown is available in 6 vibrant and bold colors and is accompanied by the matching fur gloves and hat. You better not miss this gown at the Gizza Mainstore

Gizza Linnda

Gizza Linnda all colors

For me this gown was a big suprise and it made me speechless (that doesnt happen ver quickly hihi). My dear friend Giz Seorn named this beautiful gown after me. Giz and Auster thank you so much for this amazing suprise, love you guys ♥

Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda


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