Sunny Lamu Island

OOOO the cold and wet is still here, but we already dream of spring and summer time with its vibrant colors and patterns.

So today I have gone to Lamu for a refill of all of these.

I am so pleased to present to you a new and yet vintage dress by Analee Balut of ALB  Fashion: the ALB Sun rot, litterally red sun, such a delightful dress with a history.

During the past autumn I had the personal and professional pleasure of interviewing Analee Balut for Bestyle Magazine, during our conversation she pointed at the poster of a red dress:

AB : Look at the red dress in the picture, it is still available, I repainted it after a while, but I still love this red gown. This dress should be in my story as well.  It was a special occasion, I had to go to a wedding with a friend of mine, LeeZu Baxter who actually helped me to make a flexi layer for this gown, since at that time I didn’t know how to make flexi layers.  It was our first wedding, so we needed exciting clothes. It was good fun to create my Sun Red, I will never put it away, but I will give it a try at mesh soon, since it is a loose wool dress and so sexy .  (Article appeared in the November issue of Bestyle Magazine)4

True to her words here it is a new mesh version, just as cute and made precious by matching jewels.

Here I wear it with Maude heels by ALB Fashion, skin by Blush and hair by Wasabi Pills, all photos are shot on location on Lamu island, my favourite sim!


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