BeStyle presents there new sim and Gypset!!

BeStyle District is presenting there new Gypset Market. After two years of running the Gypset Market, we renew it

On the Gypset Market at The best of Italian sim you will find unique and exclusive creations by some of the best designers of Second Life.

BeStyle is proud to present you the “new” Gypset

☆☆ Gypset Gold ☆☆
At the golden Gypset you will find Exclusive items for max 390L$
This exclusive item will be sold in a limited edition at the Gypset Gold

☆☆ Gypset Silver ☆☆
On the Gypset silver you will find special creations for a little price wich will be between 50L$ and 99L$

Besure that you are in the BeStyle Magazine Readers group because only then you can by the items.

Join the group by clicking this link:

Are you a designer that would like to join then please feel free to contact Agtaope Carter

This month both gypset markets will be at one location, next month they will be splitted up and be on two different locations.

Have fun shopping at the The Gypset Market “Gold”
With this month designers as White Widow, Shiki, Angel Dessous, Chop zuey, LPD, AD creations, Sascha’s design, Madrid Solo and many more

gypset market


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