Today I am glad to present some of the fabulous items from The Gypset Market, actually I should say the two markets, since there are now both Silver and Gold monthly editions of this great and exclusive way of shopping on the new BESTYLE SIMS.

The clothes I can show you today are from a new designer on the Bestyle sims and for Gypset : XFX Designs  a brand that has started with accessories and casual wear and is now moving to more formal clothing.

Stardust red by XFX is perfect for a special dancing night, as an elegant lingerie, even as a festive attire for the holidays ahead of us. I added some plumes, long boots by GIZZA, jewels by Vintage Jewels and voila the show can go on!

The Punk Rock black outfit is complete with boots that match both the tartan skirt and the jacket, I had fun adding some intense make up from Madrid Solo, crazy hair by Boon.

Skin by BLUSH Skins


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