Sunday  is devoted to  rest and relaxation, formal can wait, this is the best time to have fun with friends and families, enjyoying the fresh air of Autumn.

Today I want to present some casual wear from Innuendo, XFX and of course ALB Fashion in an outdoor setting, vibrant with the colors of Fall, just before the colder winter times get to us.

Innuendo has created Liona,  a cute and complete casual outfit: the top is a pink shoulder blouse that feels fuzzy and warm, the jeans are well worn and made to fit perfectly, the shoes and the jewels are also part of the gift, here I show it at its best while relaxing on a swing!

The second outfit is also from Innuendo, a gift for its customers.  I am always amazed by the generosity of the designers in sl who, in spite of the difficult times, keep rewarding their groups. For this reason I have paired this fantastic set, complete with overknee boots, with a group gift by Madrid solo, a matching tatoo!

The third outfit is  by XFX Designs, a pair of fitted grey jeans is completed by a long flowing top the Amankaya Cardigan that makes me feel  comfortable and elegant at the same time, this is perfect for a walk in the park with your loved one.

Last, but never least, a great mini dress by ALB Fashion, the ALB Farah that  is shown here in three of the many variations possible with the hud included in the package,  the shoes are  the ALB Keela stiletto metal  that perfectly match any hue of the dress.

All in all a rewarding Sunday.

Skin by BLUSH Skins, hair by Wasabi Pills and  Magika,  accessories by Innuendo, nails by Nailed it.


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