PRISM a caleidoscope….

Prism:   a transparent glass or plastic object that usually has three sides and that separates the light that passes through it into different colors.

It is easy to describe what the brand PRISM is all about: COLORS, matched by intriguing shapes, completed by minute details both in the mesh dresses and in the accessories.

I had noticed Prism some time ago, while participating in a contest (there is always the next one to apply for!) , I created an outfit then using many elements of Prism clothes, that time my outfit got great comments.  So I was delighted to be asked to blog for Prism, I like their accurate details and with enthusiasm I took quite a lot of photos, you can see them all in my flickr.

First we start with the casual chic dress Joon in Hunter brown, with its matchin boots and the nice slim jacket it is great from morning to evening, here I show it to you in two versions with and without the jacket. The elegant lingerie emerges from the top part of the dress making it very feminine, in spite of its clear lines. A must have piece.

The second dress  is called Serena, here it is shown in 2 the Ribbons and Check versions, both have matching ankle boots, it is lovely to wear, so 80’s!

Last is a soft cardigan with miniskirt, matching vest, this outfit is called Sandy in Blue tweed, it is perfect for your week end, lovely indeed.
I left the photoshoot at Prism mainstore with the feeling of being warmly embraced by these clothes, with their sartorial care and pleasure in details.

Skin by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika, nails by Nailed it, belt by Legal Insanity, jewels by Vintage jewels, Donna Flora, Me Jewelry designs.


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