MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: ::ZED:: Latte Ahmarni Three-Piece Vest Suit, 25 Shirts & Ties, Shoes & Falcon Pipe – FULL

► AVAILABLE in 6 Colours – see related items!

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. We take full advantage of the new viewer Materials with the most exquisite of details rendered when you enable advanced lighting.

Final Release for the Year and just in time for Christmas. We’re proud to present you with our finest Ahmarni Three-Piece Vest Suit.

All Items are Materials Enabled MESH. The Suit is available in 6 Sultry Colours including Charcoal, Expresso, Latte, Maroon, Olive & White.

Featuring 25 Shirts & 25 Ties in HUD. Included are matching Ahmarni Shoes & as a special gift, a bonus Falcon Straight Pipe with an Apple Bowl.

Try the DEMO today – 10% Off Inworld for Group Members!


Your Stylist : Roy Mildor

Made by ::ZED::


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