Take 3 great brands, shake their outfits and accessories together in a big cauldron and what do you get?

CHIC MIX with clothes and accessories by AMARELO MANGA   GIZZA   LEGAL INSANITY.

It all started with Amarelo and a splash of Gizza, here in the golden  Izadora by Amarelo,  completed by its matching pumps and made even more alluring by the fantastic Papillon set in olive by Gizza.

Then how could I resist the amazing and sexy Gizza spiky white fur paired with Legal Insanity Debby cargo pants, Amarelo Manga Aurora Rose quartz necklace and rose Gizza Soho tote bag?   I could not, my photos show it clearly! This first version was followed by Debby camo black cargo pants by Legal Insanity, the black version of the Gizza spiky fur, Amarelo Manga Aurora red jasper necklace and red sunglasses,  with the  black Soho tote bag by Gizza.

At this point  a change of scenery was needed since the Gizza Urban outfit here is paired with Legal Insanity Jenna leather  jacket chevron black, Lorena boots by Amarelo Manga, soil  Soho tote bag by Gizza,  and the Sheldon Animal  sunglasses by Legal Insanity.

I decided to show the full Urban set in black by Gizza with its matching Soho tote bag in camel, Aurora citrine necklace and Lorena boots by Amarelo Manga, sunglasses by Legal Insanity.

Last but not least, is the great black short dress  Joyce by Amarelo Manga with its matching clutch and shoes, as well as the great Aurora rainbow necklace, Sheldon funky sunglasses  by Legal Insanity.

Skin Armine and make up  by BLUSH Skins, hair by Magika and Lamb.


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::ZED:: Rigged Black Combat Boots

::ZED:: Rigged Black Combat Boots

FULL Version ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Rigged Combat Boots (5 Sizes) – Black Hi!.

► AVAILABLE in 6 Designz – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Rigged Black Hi! Combat Boots (5 Sizes) – Available in 6 Designz – FULL.

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. We’re proud to present these awesome Rigged MESH Combat Boots. Available in 6 Designs. Red Monster, Black Hi!, Green WoW, Camo Grey, Camo Blue & Camo Green.

All with Materials Goodness so remember to turn on Advanced Lighting and Enjoy!

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✰ Presented in a Stylish Mesh Shoe box, ideal for sending this item as a gift.

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Your Stylist : Roy Mildor

Made by ::ZED:: DesignZ

::ZED:: Black “Can’t Touch This” FULL OUTFIT

::ZED:: Black “Can’t Touch This” FULL OUTFIT

FULL Version ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: “Can’t Touch This” FULL OUTFIT, Baggy Pants, Belt, Liquid MESH Sweater & Boots – Black

► AVAILABLE in 6 Metallic Glitter Pants Colours – see related items!

►► ::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Black “Can’t Touch This” Full Outfit – including Baggy Metallic Glitter Pants, Studded Leather Belt, Liquid Mesh Preview Sweater (Inc STD Sizes) & Chained Leather Boots – FULL

►►► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. It’s Hammer Time at ZED’s with our HOT NEW “Can’t Touch This” Full Outfit with Materials Enabled Baggy Glitter Pants, Studded Belt & Liquid MESH Preview Sweater (Standard Sizes also Included).

All in Rigged MESH & that’s not all – You also get the Chained Leather Boots with Removable Resizer including Stretch & Remote!

Outfit available in 6 Colours of Metallic Glitter Baggy Pants. 10% Off Inworld – What are you waiting for – Grab a DEMO today!

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Your Stylist Roy Mildor

Made by ::ZED:: DesignZ

Spring weddings

The air is vibrant with romance all around, the birds are just about ready to tweet, Valentine day is soon to come, for all these reasons I have decided to dedicate two posts to spring weddings with many amazing pieces as well as some formal wedding gowns.

1.The first dress shown is  Estelle by Danielle which offers us a silvery, cream or white dress that can be worn with a soft lace flexi gown or without it for the reception. It is completed here by the beautiful Lovis White tiara, necklace and earrings by Vintage Jewels.

2. Then comes another amazing gown by Innuendo called Icy  Snow, it is another dream in fluffy white with a tight bodice and a magnificent mesh gown that is perfect for a romantic reception, here it is also presented with its included precious golden arm jewels and tiara.

3. Then some really unsual choices for out of the box weddings: the Petalite by Zanze in gold paired with a huge brim hat by Baiastice is perfect for a high class lady, perhaps at her second wedding? You need to be bold to enter center stage in this sexy low cut dress!

4. This short silvery dress is Yara by Baiastice, for sale at Collabor88,  a really simple, yet elegant dress for a young informal wedding or a reception. This is perfect when you want to feel at ease, dance the night away with your groom and all your friends.

5. Last but certainly not least is the magnificent vision by Solidea Folies called Summer Bride. Our bride is beyond opinions and trends, she sets  offering her whole heart full of flowers in place of her ribcage….. if you want to dare, this is the dress for you, with make up by White Widow, gloves by ALB Fashion, tall boots by Elysium, this is an unforgettable look.

Skin is Armine Pale by BLUSH Skins with make up by Blush as well.


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::ZED:: Black Doppio Petto Double Breasted Suit

::ZED:: Black Doppio Petto Double Breasted Suit

::ZED:: MESH MATERIALS ENABLED: Black Doppio Petto Double Breasted Formal Suit, 72 Ties, 72 Shirts, Belt, Pants, Bracelet, Shoes + HUD – FULL

► AVAILABLE in 6 Sultry Colours – see related items!

► FEATURES: MATERIALS ENABLED. Our New Doppio Petto (Double Breasted) Formal Suit is a combination of the finest elements ZED offers. Materials Enabled, 72 Amazing Ties, 72 Silk Shirts, Ahmarni Trousers & Matching Formal Shoes. Plus a Bonus 24 Carat Gold & Diamond Zed Signature Bracelet.

The Doppio Petto is available in 6 Sultry Shades: Black, Charcoal, Expresso, Maroon, Olive & Steel. So take full advantage of the new viewer features, Enable advanced lighting & Enjoy. 10% Off Inworld for Group!

I hope you enjoy the versatility of this HUD, it’s essentially the equivalent of a fat-pack without all the unpacking 😉

::ZED:: Resizer – Now you can give REMOTE ACCESS to someone nearby to help you stretch, resize, move and rotate your new ::ZED:: Item. Yes with this resizer, your friends can edit / fit your ::ZED:: item while it’s attached to you or when it’s rezzed on the ground – BUT ONLY IF YOU ALLOW IT! Try your DEMO today.

Your Stylist : Roy Mildor

Also great Dresses for the women. For more details click here !

Made by ::ZED::

Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

Lybra is participating in the January round of the Gypset Market and you have till the end of the month to grab the Winter Emerald Jewelry Set and Patricia Gown in Green. Please keep in mind that you will need to join the BeStyle Magazine Readers group to be able to purchase the items at the event.

The Gypset Market is divided into two sections – Silver and Gold. The Winter Emerald Jewelry Set is out for sale individually (necklace 99L$, earrings 59L$, ring 59L$) at the Silver Section while the Patricia Gown can be purchased at the Gold Section for 359L$.

Here’s your TP to the Gypset Market Silver Section and Gold Section.

xoxo, Sungyoung


hair: EMO-tions ║ Mirja Mills – Amita

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ascension – Leonine

hands: Slink ║ Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands

jewelry: Lybra ║ Lybra Rage – Winter Emerald Set (The Gypset Market SILVER)

dress: Lybra ║ Lybra Rage – Patricia Gown – Green (The Gypset Market GOLD)

pose: *PosESioN* ║ Dahriel – DreamLove