KMADD Moda : New Releases !

KMADD Moda : New Releases !

KMADD Moda ~ James Beanie ~ SPRING comes in 12 fashionable colors for this spring. Made of fine knitted wool they are light enough to wear for any season. Colors are accessible via easy to use Texture HUD, beanie also contains resize script. To tuck your ears under the beanie go to appearance and change ear angle.

No unpacking needed – product is ready to wear!

KMADD Moda Henley Tank offers almost unlimited number of possibilities with 12 Color Texture HUD for both Tank & Pocket elements + buttons in gold and silver. They come in range of fashionable colors for spring and are made out of polo fabric. Loose fit.

KMADD uses Standard Sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL) – please check note card and wear alpha for the best fit.

No unpacking needed – this product is ready to wear!

Your Stylist : Roy Mildor


➣ Quality ✔
➣ Experience ✔
➣ Dedicated Customer Support ✔

Made by KMADD Moda

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