PRISMatic colors and shapes

I am delighted to share with you today some cute and fabulous items by PRISM, so many colors and feminine shapes from casual to formal just in one day.

Here you can see the Prism Irene multi taupe, it is a knitted minidress with 3 different kinds of scarves, paired with Valquiria khaki leather boots and matching necklace both by Kunglers, the hair with its cute woolen hat is by Exile.

Then you can feel warm and cozy in Willow blueberry, a knee lenghth  woolen dress, here paired with Gizza Lisha boots in plum and the Lux Viola hand bag by Belod.

Last I have chosen these two great gowns called Lanai for a special night, they both give you a perfect alluring shape for a night to remember, here presented in Fractal and Mardi Gras, gloves by ALB Fashion and gloves by Prism, the jewels are Lovis Black set  and  Melody amber set  by Vintage Jewels, the hats are vintage Bliss couture, no longer available. Skin is Sienna by BLUSH Skins as well as the make up.


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