{MD} MEN Business COAT

{MD} MEN Business COAT

Mesh MEN Business COAT / Color/Texture HUD

The MEN Business COAT outfit is made of 100% mesh and includes a Color/Texture HUD.

The outfit texture was lovingly assembled by hand from various realistic photos to generate the best possible quality.

Small details, such as:
Elaborated buttons, side pockets and collar make the outfit a real eye-catcher. Try your DEMO today !

After purchasing, you get 5 different sizes of the outfit. With them you can adjust the outfit perfectly to the shape of your avatar.

The included Color/Texture HUD, enables you to design your own outfit from 5 different textures and a color palette, providing you with a variety of options.

You can colorize and texturing the following clothing items independently from each another:

Collar, buttons, torso, sleeve, shoulder, inside, shirt and flap

See also picture Color/Texture HUD
So you have an infinite number of ways to design your own individual outfit.

Your Stylist : Roy Mildor

Made by {MD} Design


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