[ hoorenbeek ] My Trend

[ hoorenbeek ] My Trend


If you are looking for the best and most versatile leather pants on the Gird, this post is for you.
This Mesh Leather Pants includes a lot of options, is materials ready and you can get them in many different colors.

About the Materials feature, this make the leather shines like it does in real life. As its orientation to light sources change, the brights move with them and don’t stay static like in the past, when the lights were painted static on the products and didn’t change dynamically.
But if you don’t have that option enabled, don’t worry, these pants come in a cool mixed version, so both people with and without materials can see it.

Also, these Mesh Leather Pants include a Light Controller HUD; that will let you control the shininess of the leather (only for Materials version).
So treat yourself with the most versatile, realistic and complete Mesh Leather Pants you will find.
Enjoy our dedication and care for detail with this unique pants and wear them with style.
Show your friends the Next Step of SL Evolution.
The bag includes 3 sizes for a perfect fit with almost any shape on the Grid.

These cool tees come with all the options you will ever need, giving you the chance to create new styles and expand your possibilities for new looks.
They include many different versions as::
Long and rolled up sleeves, both versions include Untucked and Half Tucked styles to wear with our pants and jeans, letting you show the belt buckle for high rise and low rise pants.
The half tucked version includes two styles; check the pics to find out how many options and looks you will get.
Also, these tees include versions to wear with jackets and blazers.
With 6 plain colours these tees will become an SL classic..
A must have in any wardrobe.

To finish my outfit i wear the black all stars sneakers, available in few colors at store.

Your Stylist : Roy Mildor

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