Gypset of September!!

One of the bombshell color trends for spring and summer 2014 is the fiery orange. This vibrant shade was all over ready-to-wear shows. Fashion experts claim “orange is the new black,” and we can’t disagree.
We doubt the creators behind the addictive new Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, realized they were predicting a new trend.
Orange is the New Black might be an arch reference to fashion and life behind bars. Fashion isn’t afraid of a little controversy in the pursuit of incarceration style either.

When you see orange in collections of many different designers you will find vibrant shades that scream “look at me” to shades of tangerine and pretty pastels that are just peachy.

During this month Gypset Market you will love the orange influences wich will be perfect to use during the early autumn.
There is no better color than orange this season to freshen up, enliven, and brighten your wardrobe. Check out this hot colors in action!!

Join this Gypset Market from september 6th through the 30th, 2014. Each designer has created a special and exclusive item for this month event.

The designers participating in this fabulous event are:
Art Of Poses, Coco shapes, Living Imagination, Loovus Dzevavor, LPD, Nya’s Shop, Prism, Purplemoon Creations, Sascha’s design, Shey, Sky, White Widow, Zanze [ZE] and last but not least Zibska

You wont be needing a group to buy all thsese awesome fashion products so get your limo to the new Gypset

To keep being informed by all the news from our designers, the events Insolente organize and our Insolente Magazine we invite you to join our magazine group.

To join please click the link inworld secondlife:///app/group/66987710-8dce-a578-be90-054a81cc80e9/about


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