Advertising Rates

All ads are full page.

First Pages:

5,000 L$ inside cover – 5,000 L$ adiacent inside cover (9,000 L$ for both pages);
4,000 L$ pages 3 to 6 (7,000 double page spread);
3,500 L$ full page – 6,000 L$ double page, for all inside pages.

Premium Ads:

These are special pages; They gose before and After the two most important articles of the Magazine

5,000 L$ – Single premium page
9,000 L$ – double Premium Page

We can ask our photographer to make the ad for you but this will ad a cost from 2500 L$ to 5000 L$.

*The inside pages are assigned on a “first received, first served” basis*


16,000 L$ 6 pages fashion section or designer collection.
20,000 L$ 4 pages custom  interview, article, event review with pictures. These pages are prepared by our staff on our format.
Add your landmark, slur, URL, notice for 500 L$

Cover is 20,000 L$
Cover+inside article+AD=35,000 L$
Cover+inside article+AD+Fashion spread of 6 to 8 pages, with 6 to 8 designs displayed= 45,000 L$.

Note: If you buy the cover you should buy at least the article as well, since we always make them in pair.


*** A 20% discout is offered to all merchant present in the Insolente District Sim ***

***If you book a fashion show with the Insolente Agency District for your brand, you will also have a special price on AD and interviews on Insolente Magazine. Moreover, the pictures of the show will be published on the magazine for free in the monthly article dedicated to the Shows of the Agency. Contact Agtaope Carter, CEO of Insolente Distric Agency, for details regarding Fashion Shows.****

***If you rent a shop at the Insolente District Sim, you will have discounts on Fashion Shows booked with Insolente Magazine Agency. Contact Agtaope Carter, CEO of Insolente, for details.***

*** If you buy three months ads you’ll get a discount

23.000 L$ – 3 months for inside cover and side page
17.000 L$ – 3 months doble pages from page 3 to page 10
14.000 L$ – 3 months for all other ads

11.000 L$ – 3 months for single premium pages
23.000 L$ – 3 months for double premium pages

All the materials need to be submitted in a final stage ready for publication. We reserve the right to reject all material we think is not in line with the style or the quality of the magazine.



Full Page: 1024 X 1024 jpg
Double Page: 2048 X 1024 jpg


The magazine is edited in the second half of the month before the coming out, so the deadline for the submission of the material is around the 10th of the month interested for next month publication. The magazine will be published in the first week each two months


We recommend to send high quality JPGs images, 1024×1024 – 100 DPI minimum format minimum for a high resolution and quality of the magazine.


For questions, inquires, editorial submissions, or contact in-world, through a notecard, to Agtaope Carter