Angel Dessous Does It Again!

Venus Floral Topaz

Angel Dessous has done it again!  Look at this gorgeous lingerie set which includes the corset, garters, gloves and stockings.  It is in the most beautiful dark blue color I have seen for undergarments in a long time.

Here’s What I’m Wearing:

Lingerie:  Angel Dessous, Venus Floral Topaz

Hair:  .:EMO-tions,  * TIZIA*/black

Eyes:  IKON Lucid Eyes – Glass

Make Up: 

Blush:  Amacci – Classic Blush Tattoo – Peach

Lips:  blackLiquid MAKEUP – gold gloss

Eye Shadow:  Madrid Solo- Ensemble Eyes- Gold

Eye Liner:  MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-1

Jewelry:  Jewelry by Jake, 1985a-The Hope Diamond Collection

Surprise your significant other today with this stunning lingerie set from Angel Dessous!

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A Blast From The Past

I love these shorts and blouse from Mon Tissu.  It’s so feminine!  It reminds me of something my mom would wear when I was a little girl (not the high heels of course) and hopefully doesn’t date me too much!

Mon Tissu

I wanted to find the perfect place to photograph this outfit so I TP’d around SL to find one of the most unique sims I’ve encountered.  Every step leads to a new and exceptional experience, but of course, this is just my opinion since I don’t usually wander far from my SL home.

I just happened upon this wonderful old time bicycle and couldn’t resist getting into my photo.  I tried every angle possible and then realized, I really wanted to focus on the craftsmanship and time put into this beautiful piece; so I just stood behind it and snapped away until I caught the image I wanted to portray.

So, without further ado and what you’ve wanted to know (among many other SL mysteries) the sim I was on is called, Immersiva by Bryn Oh and is worth the time it takes to discover this amazing land.

Here’s What I’m Wearing:

Blouse:  Mon Tissu Collared Shirt ~ White

Shorts:  Mon Tissu Tulip Shorts ~ Criss Cross

Shoes:  N-core DIVA “Chocolate”

Hair:  Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Night shadow

Eyes:  IKON Lucid Eyes – Glass

Hands:  SLink Mesh Hands, Casual


Blush:  Amacci – Classic Blush Tattoo – Peach (medium)

Eyeliner:  MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-1

Lashes:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria


Watch/Bracelet:  GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet [Cream-Gold] Bracelet

Necklace/Earrings:  Miel * Lun Necklace & Earraings

Don’t miss out on this fantastic sim; it’s worth the time and experience received.  OH!  And don’t forget to TP to Mon Tissu to find the colors that best suit your personality and overall feeling you wish to achieve.

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Shiki ~ Sominium Dress ~ The Color Scheme is All Hand Painted by a RL Artist!

Shiki's Somnium-Paradise
Shiki’s Somnium-Paradise

I couldn’t help myself when I saw the notice come out from Shiki and the picture of this Somnium dress in the Paradise color design was attached to the notecard.  I fell in love with not only the colors but the cut of the dress itself.

Rather than me try to tell you about this dress and the uniqueness it holds, I am going to copy the information notecard for your own take on how exceptional this item truly is.

“This collection was created in collaboration with Vinn Wong, a RL artist and personal friend of Shinichi Mathy in RL. Here is some background of the artist behind the collection’s inspiration.

Vinn Wong was born Hong Kong and moved to Australia at the age of 7. He realized his love and talent for fine arts in his late teens and went on to study film at Griffith University Film School in Brisbane.

He turned to painting after realizing the medium he studied in university couldn’t fully express his emotions and satisfy his creative desires.

Vinn’s artworks are raw, unhindered and honest. When painting, Vinn likes to “let the picture paint itself” where he allows his heart to take over. Often used as a record of his emotions throughout experiences of love, hardship and other trying times, Vinn’s works are a daring revelation of himself shed of all barriers.

Vinn now lives in Tokyo.

To read more about Vinn Wong, please visit his website at: “

There are a total of 3 designs in this collection; you must see the rest to fully appreciate the artist’s talent.

The hair I am wearing is new from Dura and I love that it’s for either men or women.  It looks so natural with the movement and the textures used; I know I will be going back for more!

The earrings and ring are from Maxi Gossamer Accessories (MG) which has some of the most unique mesh jewelry I have seen at a price that is unheard of for the detail.  Most all of her jewelry comes with the ability to change the color of the metal, the stone choice and sizing.  If you love mesh jewels, you have to check this place out!

I have included the landmark to each store I have mentioned in this blog.

Here’s What I’m Wearing:

Dress:  SHIKI, Mesh Dress, Somnium-Paradise  TP TO SHIKI

Shoes:  N-core, CHIC “Platine”

Hair:  *Dura-Boys&Girls*41(Dark Brown)  TP TO DURA’S MAIN STORE


Ring:  MG – RING – Ketama    TP TO MG  

Earrings:  MG – Earrings – Baroque Teardrop – Silver

Bangles:  Erratic, Cuff in Silver

Eyes:  IKON Lucid Eyes – Glass

Nails:  Synthetique Red Colour Tactics Series (Mesh)


Blush:  Amacci – Classic Blush Tattoo – Red  (medium)

Lips:  **JOMO** Girl Lip Gloss 02E light

Eyeliner:  MONS / Makeups – black eyeliner series-9

Lashes:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria

Once again I encourage you to take a look at each of these stores.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Yes, the sun is coming back…. soon!

On Lamu Island the sun is shining again, today I present to you some delightful summer dresses aptly called ALB SUN DRESS, there are 11 different patterns to choose from, they all look amazing, so I had to try as many as possible!

The photos were taken, as usual on Lamu Island, inside one of the many buildings created by Analee Balut, who is not just happy with clothes, but also expands her work to houses, furniture, accessories, have fun!

The skin is from BLUSH and the hair from Wasabi Pills, the shoes are ALB Maude (one of my favourite shoes) with a complete skin and color hud, the great poses are from BeloD.


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SEASONS of ………?

Some of the mistery will be unveiled today….

ALB Fashion, Fellini Couture, Gizza Creations and ……?

Soon you will know just look at the photos below and


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You are invited to the SEASONS SHOW  By the Bestyle District Agency

A Celebration of BLUSH SKINS





What is a giant flower doing above Bestyle sims?

What are famous creators doing all together on one stage?

Which famous skin maker is having a second year anniversary this week?

Are you curious to know?

Then you need to follow this blog and find out more…….

Dresses by Fellini Bird of Paradise  and Gizza Dolly dress Angels, skins by BLUSH….

Enjoy  and expect more surprises!

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Studded and Stunning in Gizza

Today I join forces with amazing model and very good friend Shena Neox in order to show you some Gizza style in the Topkapi palace of Istanbul!

We had a lot of fun styling the Studded suit by GIZZA in black, plum, cream and red,  we chose alternatively the long pants version and the mini option, with or without socks.

This is an amazing outfit, I could feel the pull of the Oriental tradition in it, the sensual mysteries of the secluded ladies of the palace, hence the background chosen.

The backdrop is straight out of my memories of the one visit to Turkey, forever etched in my memory as a beautiful place rich in culture and kind people.


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BeStyle Magazine November 2012

Welcome to the november edition of BeStyle Magazine and enjoy the new fashion trends and lifestyle features on the grid. We begin this fashion spread featuring ALB Fashion by AnaLee Balut. The fashion journey continues with an exclusief interview with Miss Netherlands 2013, Linnda Scofield. Beside talking to one of the Miss Viritual world candidates we will show you who are the top 10 of the Essence of PurpleMoon. We cant wait to see wich lady will be on our december cover.
This month Mimmi Boa is talking about fashionble hair trends and accessoires while our team of stylists take you through there fashion journey with even a little touch of black. To end this amazing spread by BeStyle we stop at The Gypset Market that we have on Rodeo Drive.

Read the full edition of our november issu here at BeStyle Magazine November 2012

A Flowery Walk around Lamu Island….

Today I am back on my beloved Lamu Island and I am a flower!

YES, I am a flower in the beautiful, flexible, multi outfit and elegant gown called ALB Ottawa.

It was released some days ago, so I am happy to show it to you in different versions:

the knee length dress with flowers and feathers, here worn with Comadi by Vanity Hair,

then the gown with the flower wreath and fluffy lower skirt layers

and last the full gown with veiled hat, skirt and back green fan, an amazing haute couture piece indeed!

This dress is completed by ALB St.Tropez heels,  for all the photos I wore Olivia skin dark by BLUSH skins.

I love the feel of summer evoked now, when the weather begins to look greyer, so in one outfit you have both seasons!


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