JEWELRY BY JAKE and *LpD*@ Bestyle Gypset Market

Bestyle Gypset Market was created to showcase some amazing designers. Each month a new supply of goodies crash-land in the market for you to purchase at bargain prices. This month I will show you two great designs from  Jewelry by jake by designer Tjake Kearny and LpD  designer Nevery Lorakeet.

‘The Enchanted’ necklace is made of glittering deep blue sapphires and they are arranged in a delicate flower motif and the  blouse is white mesh with the option to have a solid fabric look or a soft transparent look which you have the option to wear the additional layers. Both creating very different looks.

The top costs L$70 and necklace L$99 both are extremely good bargains. Remember to wear the Bestyle magazine group to buy this two items. While your there check out the other designs and see what bargains you can pick up.

Style Card

Top – *LpD* – *Veil* Top @ Bestyle Gypset Market

Necklace – The Enchanted Necklace @ Bestyle Gypset Market

Additonal Designers Credits

Hair – *booN MAU486 hair

Makeup – cStar and MONS / Makeups – eyeliner summer


BeStyle District – Gypset of June style contest

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┊ ┊ ┊ ☆
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┊ ☆

The BeStyle District team is looking for the best Gypset Styler of June and You can be one of them as this contest is open to anyone who has loves fashion and has a real the sense of style !

☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮

The Prices

☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮☆  ✮

◢. 1. Become the Gypset Girl/Boy of the month (we will also have a 1st and 2th runner-up)
◢. 2. Have your  picture edited and shoot by one of the BeStyle Photographers in the next issue of the BeStyle Magazine on  a double page with your name and your complete style as winner of this month Gypset. Nummer 2 and 3 will also have there picture in the magazine on a single page.

Anyone can participate !!

A. Style your avatar with creations found at the Gypset Market (Minimal 2 creations).

B. Take a picture of you in 1024/1024 ( high quality picture are recommanded).
It has to be in jpg format

C. Rename this notecard with your name.

D. Write down the complete Style card with all Gypset items you have used.

E. Ad the picture you made. Please give the picture the same name as this notecard so it wont get lost.
Please check if the picture has all permissions.

D. Complete the note bellow

Avatar name:



STEP 2 –  Send the Note back

Send this notecard back to Linnda Scofield.
Deadline is june 29th 2012
ATTENTION !!  No more entries will be accepted AFTER this date

Beware that you have to be in the BeStyle Readers group to become one of the winners.


Post the picture on the flickr ‘s group of the BeStyle Readers group.
Name the picture BeStyle District – Gypset of June Style Contest

Here you will find the BeStyle Readers flickr group:

Good luck to everyone who joins this contest!!

Sincerly Agtaope Carter-Lane
CEO/Owner of BeStyle Magazine District.



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