Janelle by Shey

One of the designers we have on Rodeo Drive is Cuba Avedon of Shey . This weekend Cuba surprised me with a beautiful dress named Janelle. This beautiful dress will give you a classic and elegant look. Janelle is a mesh gown wich comes in several sizes so it will fit everyone. The thing that make this gown even more special is the special hud that comes with the dress. With this special hud you can chance the dress in any way you like, there are so many different dress textures in it. You will be ready for any occassion.

Shey Janelle_001

Skin: Glam Affair Amberly (excl @ COLLABOR88 )
Hair: Lelutka Canto
Outfit: Shey Janelle Set
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry Tres Fleurs Set (my own MVW version)
Pose: Di’s Opera Glam Series 2 *new*

Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda


Fellini Couture ~ Changshan gown

Fellini Couture new gown is named Changshan. Changshan means white dragon, a Chinese legend
This dress is a beautiful white silk gown with sculpties, flexi and mesh parts. The white dragon is wraps\ped smoothly around your body. To complete the look the dress comes with a beautiful elegant white hat

Fellini Couture- Changshan gown_001

Skin: Glam Affair Amberly – Petal edition – Butterfly
Hair: Baiastice Elon hair
Dress: Fellini Couture Changshan gown
Nails: Miamai Achelois Nails

Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda

Fellini Couture ~ Ethereal Symphony

It is time to introduce you the Fellini Couture 100th gown. Yes 100!!!! I love Joy her creative and original view on fashion. In each gown of her you will feel like a princes. Since gown nr 1 i always have been proud to work with her. It is a joy to wear Fellini her creations specialy because of the amazing details she always ad to her creations.

For gown nr 100 joy organised a special contest. This gown was designed by the winner of the Fellini Couture 100th gown.
The skirt is in mesh and comes in 4 sizes to match perfectly. Wings in the back can be worn with or without the music notes ( i choose to wear the dress without the music notes), as the skirt that can be worn with or without the feathers. The gown also comes with a Violin and bow.

Skin: Glam Affair Roza – BaroQ – 02
Hair: Boudoir Birdnest
Dress: Fellini Couture Ethereal Symphony gown

Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda

Fellini Couture ~ Bird of Paradise

A beautiful new release by Fellini Couture. The bird of Paradise is a short cocktail dress with a beautiful neckline and an open back. The side of the skirt is surrounded with foliages, orchids and cute little Birds. We know joy always completes her outfits and this time the dress has a wonderful hat and collorfull earrings !!!

Skin: Glam Affair Leah Natural
Lipstick: Glam Affair Leah Lipstick 14
Hair: Tuty Limbo short wet hairstyle
Outfit: Fellini Couture Bird of Paradise
Pose: Corpus *new* release

You will find Fellini also at there shop on Rodeo Drive

Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda

Fellini Couture ~ Jardin Secret

A new release by Fellini Couture Jardin secret ….

In english Jardin Secret meens, Secret Garden.
The dress creates an atmosphere of gaiety and reminds you of a meadow full of beautiful flowers, or that secret garden where you can dream away and enjoy the silents of nature.

The skirt is made with sculpted foliages, flowers. Butterfly’s are flying around. The corset is mesh, combined with a a lovely belt. A sculpted flower scarf is covering your shoulders for a delicate touch.
The hat comes with this beautiful outfit. Jardin comes in more then 1 color, i decided to use the orange version today.

Skin: Glam Affair Mia Natural – Disco C
Lipstick: Glam Affair Leah Lipstick 01
Hair: Baiastice Boop hair
Outfit: Fellini Couture Jardin Secret in orange
Poses: Manifeste big gown poses

The picture has been taken on the new sim where Manifeste has there new shop.

Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda

[sYs] Iggy

Syane and Systi has released a new summer dress at [sYs]. Iggy is a short, one sholder dress. The top of the dress is neutral while the dress itself is made of a beautiful colored fabric. The dress comes in different sizes so it will fit everyone and ofcourse available in many color options.

The hair i am wearing today is also from [sYs]. Kyo is a short, double colored hairstyle, covering your eyes.  You will find Kyo with more new hairs from [sYs] at the Hairfair 2012. The fair is amazing this year and definitely worth to go. I will show you more hair i got at the fair soon.

Skin: Glam Affair Leah
Hair: [sYs] Kyo hair Mesh – Black/Red
Outfit: [sYs] Iggy dress red
Earrings: Mandala Leather Feather Eearings/Polly white
Nails: Mandala Female Palette nails Long

You know [sYs] is also with there shop on BeStyle’s Rodeo Drive

Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda

Fellini Couture ~ Abanico

A new amazing dress by Fellini Couture named Abanico, this time a spanish style. Abanico meens Fan wich is the right word for this dress. On the front of the dress you will notice there is a fan made as top wich flow through the whole outfit.

Skin: Glam Affair Castalia
Hair: Vanity Hair Shena
Outfit: Fellini Couture Abanico gown
Earrings: Mandala Leather Feather Eearings/sumi black
Nails: Diram Claw Nails
Shoes: N-core Euphoria “Noir Intense”
Poses: Di’s Opera

Have fun shopping Hugg Linnda

Fellini Couture ~ Ramage

This week Joy Fellini has suprised me with a beautiful new gown (again thank you so much ♥). The new gown by Fellini Couture is named Ramage.
Ramage is a silk black dress combinated with very light pink on the top matched with delicate lace.
Unique on the dress are the necklace and hairaccessorie. Both are made with pearls, flowers and little birds .

Skin: Glam Affair Leah Natural – 06
Hair: Maitreya Piper – Pitch
Dress: Fellini Couture Ramage gown
Nails: Miamai Achelois Nails

Have fun shopping, Hugg Linnda