Spring weddings

The air is vibrant with romance all around, the birds are just about ready to tweet, Valentine day is soon to come, for all these reasons I have decided to dedicate two posts to spring weddings with many amazing pieces as well as some formal wedding gowns.

1.The first dress shown is  Estelle by Danielle which offers us a silvery, cream or white dress that can be worn with a soft lace flexi gown or without it for the reception. It is completed here by the beautiful Lovis White tiara, necklace and earrings by Vintage Jewels.

2. Then comes another amazing gown by Innuendo called Icy  Snow, it is another dream in fluffy white with a tight bodice and a magnificent mesh gown that is perfect for a romantic reception, here it is also presented with its included precious golden arm jewels and tiara.

3. Then some really unsual choices for out of the box weddings: the Petalite by Zanze in gold paired with a huge brim hat by Baiastice is perfect for a high class lady, perhaps at her second wedding? You need to be bold to enter center stage in this sexy low cut dress!

4. This short silvery dress is Yara by Baiastice, for sale at Collabor88,  a really simple, yet elegant dress for a young informal wedding or a reception. This is perfect when you want to feel at ease, dance the night away with your groom and all your friends.

5. Last but certainly not least is the magnificent vision by Solidea Folies called Summer Bride. Our bride is beyond opinions and trends, she sets  offering her whole heart full of flowers in place of her ribcage….. if you want to dare, this is the dress for you, with make up by White Widow, gloves by ALB Fashion, tall boots by Elysium, this is an unforgettable look.

Skin is Armine Pale by BLUSH Skins with make up by Blush as well.


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Red is auspicious

At the beginning of the year it is auspicious to wear red, the color of protection for many cultures, today we admire two different gowns.

The first one is  Natashs in red  by AMARELO MANGA, a long puffy skirt with a delicate lace for top, perfect for a formal night, it is shown here with jewels by Amarelo Manga.

The second one is Plaid formal gown  by GIZZA, a tartan fantasy complete with bowler hat (not shown here) the jewels are by Vintage Jewels.

Skin by BLUSH Skins, make up by Madrid Solo.


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HALLOWEEN, the final scare!

After the preparation of the last two weeks today i want to give you some suggestions for Halloween costumes .

I hope that you will enjoy them, we will go from the exquisitely elegant Deathly Silence by GIZZA, to the otherwordly fairy being from Terra d’Ombra vintage dress,  to the scary witch by ALB Fashion.

First off we meet a good looking ghost in Deathly Silence by Gizza, the longer we spend with her the less human she becomes.

And she can turn into a beautiful fairy being dressed in gold with Isadora by Terra d’Ombra, she shines from head to toes, but will this be the end of our story?

In her place the Halloween witch by ALB Fashion advances, she is savage and scary with her beyond human powers…….

Have fun, get scared, above all remember that this is also the end of the solar year and the beginning of the dark time that will lead us back to the solstice and the birth of the new sun.

The skins are by BLUSH Skins and Diamond skins, the shoes by Gizza, Terra d’Ombra and ALB Fashion, the jewels were part of the outfits, those added are by Vintage Jewels, the Halloween parasol is a great gift from Boudoir,  as well as the hair, also hair and headdress by Tukinowaguma.

Enjoy my last Halloween post!

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GIZZA Femme Fatale…..

Today I present to you the magnificent, sexy, elegant and impossible to miss Femme Fatale  by GIZZA.  It is audacious and sensual, with its long cloack and the overknee boots, the mesh minicorset, if you only wore it very little would be left to the imagination.

Women in this attire are sure to conquer whoever they set their hearts on…. have fun with Femme Fatale.  The face tattoo adds interest to an already perfect outfit.

Since this is still Halloween time, I have chosen to continue in this mood.

The incredible red and black outfits by Gizza are accompanied by the awesome hair by BOUDOIR   called Beautiful Death Coture, it is so detailed and well made, with its ornament and bloody tattoo that can be added according to your mood.

The jewels are from the Nephtys set by Vintage Jewels the are perfect accompaniment to both the dress and the hair.blood).

The skin is Bonnie the sexy vamp by BLUSH Skins, the nails by Nailed it Halloween 2013.


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And the shows continue….

October 4th  time for  ALLEGRETTO  the new movement of the great AUTUMN SYMPHONY  organized by SOLOEVANE and BESTYLE MAGAZINE.


with sponsored items by BLUSH Skins,  VINTAGE JEWELS,  BELOD, NAILED IT.


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Egyptian Fantasy….. or mix and match 2

Happy Sunday to all! Today I am plunging deep into the exploration of FUN.

This post was is all about the Carnival and the possible costumes for it. My imagination was sparkled by the invitation to the party Queen of the Nile, organized by Colour of Couture to celebrate Starline Igeria both Miss CoC 2012 ad MVW2013.  A great success for Reign Congrejo, the woman behind the contest, as well as Sequoia Nightfire.

I spent quite a bit of time thinking up outfits for the party and here are some of the results, I hope that you will enjoy them and you may be sparkle into creativity for interesting new Carnival ball costumes.

The photos were actually taken inside the invitation itself an Egyptian pyramid complete with sarcophagus, decorations and snakes…..

For my outfits I have used : the gown Kathy by Countdown with the Gold Cape from the Ginto gown by Vero Modero, I also show Kathy by itself with the great Ophelia set by Vintage Jewels while the hair is by Vanity; the second outfit is a vintage one by Jador   called Nefertiti, jewels included, with the cape from the Ginto gown by Vero Modero; last, but certainly not least, is the ALB Liz Cleo from ALB Fashion that includes also jewels and head gear.

The skin is Olivia dark by BLUSH, the make up is a combination of 3 different make ups by Madrid Solo.


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A new year surprise from SHU SHU trends

ShuShu Trends  surprises us with a series of delightful coats that are perfectly made and full of allure, here you can see them in the ShuShu shop on Lamu Island, where her Mum, Analee Balut,  of ALB Fashion has her main store full of fabulous fashion.

Even the name of the coat is cute:  Evening Kiss, so romantic with its black belt and satin finish, it is sold with a hud so that you can change its colours according to your mood.

I just had to take  many photos in the fun  ShuShu store…..

Skin is Parker by BLUSH skins sold at Gypset Market, hair by Wasabi Pills, shoes by ALB Fashion, jewel by Vintage jewels.


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